Rakuen Official Trailer:

Let’s Plays

For those interested in watching a playthrough of the game, I’ve tried my best to assemble a handful of Let’s Plays that I enjoyed watching! This list will only include links to playlists (rather than individual episodes):

Kate LovelyMomo
Moonbowmoviemusic (in Japanese and English)
Aito LH (in Thai)
NesfateLP (in German)
TobBab (in Korean)
Dennis Roos
Frankie White

Videos talking about the game:

Rakuen, Potential Game of the Year – The Portly Gamer
A New RPG Maker Game by Laura Shigihara – Let’s Play Retro Games
Rakuen Review – Hey Poor Player TV
Sunder – Interview with Rakuen Developer
GameStar – Unassuming Indie Hit Gets Top Ratings (in German) 
Spawn Point (Australian Television Show) – Rakuen Review
Culture Obsess – Rakuen Dev Talk

Raken Music Remixes/Covers:

“The Spirit Envoy” (Ferdk’s Metal Remix)
“These Grey Walls” (String Player Gamer’s Ambient Guitar Cover/Remix)
“Tell Me a Story” (GBritaney’s Violin Cover)
“Tell Me a Story” (Bamboo Flute Cover from Kan Gao)
“Searching My Life” (Vocal Cover from Adriana Figueroa and Jordi Francis)
“Welcome to the Forest” (Metal Version from Craig Hall)
“Kami Kabuto Hero” (Moonbowmusicmovie’s Acoustic Remix)
“Kaasan e” (Moonbowmusicmovie’s Acoustic Remix)

Fun with Friends:

“Bart the Enderman featuring Leeble from Rakuen” from Slamacow

“Pokemon Paint” with Brett Ultimus


Rakuen OST Playlist on Youtube
“Rakuen Stuff from YOU” Playlist

2 comments on “Videos

  1. it’s such s Beautiful game is actually deserves a mag nine maybe even an anime series sorry I just keep holding out that they’ll make an enemy out of Wizard101 Some day but this game is really really really beautiful got a rich storyline very diverse characters very complex is not is not at all dirty and I really like that part and they’re also these characters are a lot of fun the thing about him wanting to legs that made me laugh so hard

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