supershigi leebleLaura Shigihara

Hello! My name is Laura, and I’m the creator of Rakuen (design, programming, audio, pixel characters, etc.). I’ve spent most of my time in the video game industry as a composer, creating audio for over 25 published video game titles (most notably, the soundtrack for Plants vs. Zombies, though also contributing music and voice work for games like To the Moon, World of Warcraft, Surviving High School, and the latest Penny Arcade game). These days, I enjoy working on Rakuen, maintaining a youtube channel, and leading a secret underground life as a Magic the Gathering gangsta.

emmy naskaEmmy Toyonaga

Emmy is an eggplant/human hybrid that currently resides in a hole somewhere in Seattle working on concept art for Rakuen. She has mainly lurked around the game industry as a concept/character artist making games at places such as EA and Midway Games. She also has experience doing freelance illustrations for magazines and newspapers, as well as creating epic Minecraft costumes. Her great experiment now is to see if she can survive going indie without having to resort to eating her own stalk, which is likely not tasty.

turtlefan3Matt Holmberg

Hi, i am Matt, an artist that arts games. i have been arting in games since … i cant remember. It all started one day when i was unloading boxes out of a truck in a very hot trailer, and a magical little creature poked his head out of a package and offered to train me in the arts or arting. I turned him down, but went on to learn it all anyway.  I’ve worked on some games, like, Magi Nation, Feeding Freenzy, Bejewelled, Plants vs Zombies, Peggle, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Evermore and others. I now reside in an old refrigerator box in the woods behind an office park. Yes that is a propeller sticking outa my butt. No, it doesnt hurt.

3 comments on “Staff

  1. Wow, I’m excited to play your game when it becomes available. I had no idea that this was your creation, I’m a long time subscriber to your youtube channel and love your music. I especially loved your song for “To the moon” I played it at my father’s funeral. It, unfortunately, kind of ruined the song for me though because now I can’t listen to it without getting depressed. But it’s also a great song to remember him by. I wish you luck in your ventures!

  2. I wonder if it’s possibl4e to buy a hard copy of the game (outside steam) to own. I’d like that.

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