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Press Release December 9th, 2016:

Selected Articles:

High Scores: How Laura Shigihara Created “Rakuen” and its Soundtrack
-Casey Jarman, Bandcamp

“Plants vs. Zombies composer developing Spirited Away-inspired adventure game”
-Jenna Pitcher, Polygon

“Rakuen, Plants vs Zombies composer’s new PC adventure What a lovely sounding game!
-Dale North, Destructoid

“Patients, Now: Project Rakuen”
-John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun

“Fantasy Hospital Game With Sick Kids In Danger Of Ending In Tears”
-Luke Plunkett, Kotaku

“Rakuen: Plants Vs. Zombies Composer Bringing Rakuen To PC”
-Kyle Hilliard, Game Informer

“Rakuen Preview”
-Andy Chalk, Gamezebo

“Spirited Away Inspired Adventure from Plants vs Zombies Composer”
-Ron Duwell, TechnoBuffalo

“Plants Vs. Zombies composer, Melolune dev Laura Shigihara reveals next game”
-John Polson,


One comment on “Press

  1. I don’t think a trailer has ever moved me and made me so excited for a game as this one has. Everything I’ve ever seen from you has always been a breathtaking and beautiful masterpiece. And I just know that this will be like everything else you’ve worked on. Amazing. Phenomenal. Magical. I cannot wait to see this project in full bloom!

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