12 comments on “Rakuen and Japanese Culture #1: Omatsuri (Japanese Festivals)

  1. I love hearing about the background of the game. 🙂 I have a Hello Kitty ramune drink bottle. I actually bought it here, and the drink itself wasn’t that different than maybe Sprite or 7-Up, but I loved the bottle so much I had to keep it.

    • Thank-you Aimee! Oooh I think I’ve seen the Hello Kitty ones before (maybe at a Sanrio)! And I totally know what you mean… I actually have such a tough time throwing away nice glass bottles in general, haha. I have a mini collection of little glass bottles that (to me) look like potion bottles. I’ve started filling them with things like tea bags or dice 😛

  2. I love hearing this context for the game, as well as your personal anecdotes. I was always curious how accurate those festivals were after seeing them in anime like Love Hina. Thanks for the post Shigi!

    • I’m glad to hear that! I’m always afraid that I’m too rambly when I talk about those things, so thank-you for saying that 🙂 And yeah it seems that they reference Omatsuri a lot in media! I recently watched the Animal Crossing anime and they had a lot of references to summer festivals as well (like all the animals were wearing yukata for example) ^^

  3. I absolutely adore your music, and have subscribed to your YouTube channel! Thank you so much for creating this beautiful thing that the world is proud to call music. The game sounds amazing, and I can’t wait for its release! Never stop being awesome and inspiring.

  4. I think its really cool that you’re including Japanese culture in Rakuen! Being half Korean, it always makes me happy to see people embrace their diverse backgrounds. I think including the Ramune is absolutely adorable!! Ramune was one of my favorite drinks as a child (but I was still never able to get the marble out XD) And oh man do I still love mochi, so much that I even named my new kitten Mochi 🙂 Rakuen actually reminds me a bit of Big Hero 6 in terms of the Japanese fusion elements!! I can’t wait to play Rakuen and hear the beautiful soundtrack, its sure to give me the feels :3

  5. Japanese culture has got to be one of the most beautiful cultures in the world, at least for me! ❤ There's so much beauty in there and it's fun to learn about it too! Thank you for taking your time to make this game and include Japanese culture as well, so not only is the game gonna be fun and maybe challenging, but we can learn something new as well.

    By the way what is the episode of Pokemon that featured hinamatsuri? Episode name or number?

  6. So love the game, love its music and fine pixel arts, and now love hearing the background of the game too. Any possible to translate such a beautiful game into Chinese and bring it into China market? If you are interested, we are indienova from China and would like to help with it. Btw, could I translate this article into Chinese and repost it in some China websites with the original link.

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